2020 in Summary

2020 was a challenging year for many. Creative expression and connectivity felt more necessary than ever.

The main focus for the Hive was to stay consistent. Keep programming going. Provide a reliable reason to check in, create and re-energize the individual’s belief in self and self expression. This meant, to execute our mission, the Hive had to adapt to the current opportunities available while the pandemic limited the ability to gather in person.

Transitioning To Virtual

The commitment to maintaining programming during a pandemic was no small feat. Transitioning to virtual experiences meant attention paid to video, sound, lighting, backgrounds, virtual platforms and last but not least, making sure participants had supplies beforehand. All this additional work needed to be figured out to ensure the content we were delivering was valuable for an at home experience.

2020 Impact Statistics


Programmed Days


Virtual Programs


Participants in Workshops


Guest Instructors




Artists Able to Exhibit


Art Gallery Shows


Total Participants

Digging Deeper into Our Programming:

83 programs were offered in 2020.

Our programming can be broken down into 3 main intended outcomes:

Teaching New Skills

14 valuable skills taught
16% Included Art History Lesson

Allowing Opportunity for Self Expression

Storytelling through art.
Art Therapy. Open workshop to explore skills.

Showcasing Work

Gallery Exhibitions, Virtual Receptions,
Social Media Community

Participation with The Hive:

There are several avenues to participate with The Hive.

We aim to assist individuals to find the path that suits their interests, needs, and strengths.


Leading workshops, mentorship within workshops, teaching staff a new skill, assisting an open workshop night.


Learning new skills, practicing your craft, honoring your creative expression by completeing projects.


Sharing your work, storytelling, gallery exhibitions, digital displays, social media, traditional public relations, applying for awards.


Serving on the board of Directors, attending events, purchasing work from the gallery, donating money, donating time/expertise, listening, commenting, liking.

We have proudly provided programming for:

“The generous and supportive people at The Walter Hive help people ‘see what is possible when they work together, to be bigger than themselves, to not take themselves so seriously’ and have been the life preserver tossed to me in all this chaos.”

Sharon W.

“The Monday night virtual workshops have been such an uplifting and fun creative time that has gotten me through the pandemic. At a time when so many are isolated, I have found new friends and learned new and fun art techniques, whether abstract or more realistic in nature. What I love is that you can be a beginner or a seasoned artist…the encouragement is what draws me back time and time again. Thank you Walter Hive!”


“It took some courage for me to attend my first workshop. I was convinced that I had no artistic or creative talent. But I was so wrong! The wonderful folks at The Walter Hive make it so easy to produce really cool stuff. I learned that artistic creation is accessible to all of us. I am not exaggerating when I say that these workshops have greatly enriched my life.”

Michael T.

“The entire 6th grade class from Sonoma Ranch Elementary in Gilbert, AZ. spent several days attending the most amazing workshop presented by the special people of The Walter Hive. It was so heartwarming and wonderful to watch our students experience education in a very different way from the traditional classroom. Thank you, Walter Hive! Sonoma Ranch loves you!”

Laura B.

“We found the team from The Walter Hive eager to collaborate, flexible, and intuitive in responding to the teens at our organization. Comments from the participants included “this is the first time in so long I’m doing something just for myself”, “I feel connected to co-workers that I didn’t really know before”, “I had not thought of art as a stress release before; I always thought I was bad at art” and “it’s been nice to do something that brings me joy”. I look forward to future collaborations with The Walter Hive!”

Kristen Q.

“The Walter Hive is a welcoming organization that empowers people of all ages and backgrounds to explore their creative side. The inspirational projects and accomplished artists who teach the classes bring out the best in each participant. For over three years I have witnessed the gifted leaders and staff at The Walter Hive touch the hearts of both those struggling with health issues and other barriers open up and gain confidence.”

Joy K.

“It is truly a pleasure to collaborate with The Walter Hive in providing exceptional programming. Additionally, The Walter Hive is committed to a vision that supports community creativity, empowerment, and innovation. Because of The Walther Hive, we are a stronger nonprofit sector and a better world to live and raise our families in! Plus, they are just simply F-U-N!”

Debbie D.