Learning is Power!

Research shows that creative expression has a positive impact on health and wellness for people of all ages and circumstances.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to build resilience, promote healing, and foster creativity through the arts.

Express Yourself, Unbox the Universe.

We believe that creative expression and connectivity are necessary elements of well-being. See how our programs affected our community in our latest report.

Teaching kids and adults the skills that will be changing the world.

The Walter Hive is steadily building upon the concept that there is tremendous power behind creative expression serving as a catalyst to build community, heal hearts, nourish minds and empower true self acceptance. We are in search of those who share our mission and are willing to invest on a deeper level.

Heal the Past • Focus in the Present • Look to the Future

Our Programs & Workshops:

Art Masterpeice

Design Series

The Art of Caring

Threading the Community through Art

Weekly Free Virtual Workshops

Weekly Open Shop Night

Community Workshops

Partner Organization Workshops

School Field Trips

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Education is a gift for life.

Our workshops provide opportunities for sustainable skill set development and empowering outcomes for our participants. We also know that connecting people through compassion, art and creative expression is a way to weave positivity within our community.

Event Calendar

Art Hour with Hospice Dementia Adult Day *private event*

Hospice Dementia Care & Education Campus 3811 North 44th Street, Phoenix, AZ, United States

The Walter Hive has partnered with the Hospice Dementia Care & Education Campus to provide two therapeutic workshops a month; one with their dementia adult day center, and one with their assisted living facility. Our goal is to offer a wide selection of art classes that boost the overall mood of participants and spark confidence […]

Special thanks to our community partners:

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