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Human Innerface Exhibit

The AIM Project is the intersection between Art, Technology and Human Sustainability.

We have designed our lives around the strength of digital connection. We constantly upgrade and update to increase the speed of information, and a sluggish or interrupted signal can ruin more than just a day. However, when we run a diagnostic of the human connection, it appears we may have lost the signal amidst the noise.

AIM is an immersive, interactive, and guided multisensory experience of human connection and community. Thousands of Individuals have contributed as anonymous self-portraits of inner dialogues that tell powerful stories of humanity amidst complexity. Individually and collectively they are the Human InnerFace, a dynamic visual representation of exchange between our internal and external worlds.

Imagine yourself on canvas, your personal operating system exposed beyond human hardware. This information drives how we relate, how we connect, and what we create. Yet our inner firmware is often outdated, it’s tricky by nature, and ego-protected. AIM is Access. Canvas and pens become an upgrade path to transform resistance into an intrinsic understanding of empathy and compassion as foundational to our designs for a connected future.

This Gallery and Live Art event will highlight before and after portraits of 80 Students from the Barry Goldwater High School Marching Band. They courageously chose Depression as their competition show theme and, through music, transformed pain into joy. Their stories as art collapse cultural hierarchies and ideas about separation. Their courage will inspire you as they find their voices and speak through their canvases.

This event celebrates our emotions through music, interactive art, food, and lively dialogue. Your engagement is the energy that reconnects us to our power source and opens space for innovation with shared vision and unattached collaboration. Together we upgrade, update, and harness the power within our diversity.

Earlier Event: January 24
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Later Event: January 31
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