Hospice of the Valley Collage Workshop

It was an honor hosting workshops for Hospice of the Valley volunteers these past two Wednesdays. Volunteers came out for an evening of blind contour drawing and collaging, along with gentle guided meditations in-between activities. During the workshop, we encouraged our guests to let the busyness of the day float away and to awaken their inner artist (and yes, we all have one!) as they worked on creating their own collages and blind contour portraits. Volunteers were encouraged to pick from an assortment of whimsical and interesting objects and textures to make their own collaging creations which, more often than not, end up coming together to tell a story. One moment that touched me during the workshop was when one of the Hospice volunteers mentioned that this was the first time in years where they felt they could escape their serious “perfectionist” mindset and just have a fun time being creative. I think a lot of people, especially as they get older (including myself), get lost in all the stressors of life and forget how rewarding it can be to take a little time out of the day to do art. Overall I felt this was a very special and impactful workshop that I hope to do again very soon!

- Anna Douglas

Hive Admin