Disco Bulls at The Grand Ave Festival


On November 10th, The Walter Hive joined the Grand Ave Festival for a fun day of connecting with like-minded artists and the local community. Kids and adults alike stopped by our booth to create a smaller, take home version of our “Billy The Bull” statue and work on a large colorful loom. I was amazed at how long some of the kids and parents stayed to work on their bull -a few close to an hour- and the amount of detail people were adding to each of them. One of the most memorable parts of the festival for me was a conversation I had with Kirk Strawn (Founder of Walter Productions) about how Billy the Bull came to be. He described to me how he had found this old, rusty, and forlorn statue of a bull in Mexico and decided to take it under his wing and restore it. The result was a magnificent, shining bull that nobody would have ever guessed was on its last leg a few months ago. I think that this story perfectly sums up what we intend to do at The Walter Hive- provide a space for all to discover just how much they really do shine.

-Anna Douglas, intern

Hive Admin